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Potato Seeds


RED LADY is a main crop, red skinned quality ware potato, cooking type B. Long oval tubers with shallow eyes and yellow flesh. Resistant to potato wart disease race 1 and PCN Ro1, bruising, common scab, late blight, tuber blight and internal rust spot. Rapid skin finish. High drought tolerance and high resistance to second growth.


Main crop, very high yielding ware potato, cooking type B. Short oval tubers with smooth skin and yellow flesh. Medium to large tuber size. Resistant to PCN Ro1 and potato wart disease race 1. Outstanding tolerance to common scab, tuber blight, internal rust spot, mechanical damages and bruising, furthermore high drought and second growth resistance. The suitability for the cultivation on sandy soils is excellent.


DANIELA is ligh yielding,maincrop ware poato with cooking type B. It has attrctive ,long oval tubers with yellow fleshcolour.It is very good for storing. Because of its ligh culinary quality it is excellent for direct marketing.


NATASCHA is an early, high yielding cooking type B ware potato with excellent taste. The variety has attractive long oval tubers with shallow eyes and very deep yellow skin and flesh. NATASCHA is very resistant to Rhizoctonia, black leg, bruising, PVY and tuber rots. The marketing period starts directly from the field and should be completed by the end of January.


VALETTA is a very early, high yielding cooking type AB ware potato with attractive tubers and excellent culinary qualities. It has long, oval tubers, smooth yellow skin and very shallow eyes. This variety has a high tolerance to common scab, Rhizoctonia, spraying, bruising and mechanical damage.


Excellent, high yielding main crop crisp variety. Low content of reducing sugar with very good suitability for the production of dehydrated products. Short oval tubers with shallow eyes and light yellow flesh colour. Resistant to PCN Ro1,4; high resistance to late blight, tuber blight, common scab and internal rust spot.